Adjustable Extension Space Saving Bedside Table

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If you haven’t used a bedside table yet and you are planning to buy one, trust us there will be no looking back after that as it is a very valuable and useful product. It comes handy for all those items which you use right before you go to bed or you need right after you wake up. You can use the bedodesk an integral part of your bed for keeping books, magazines, other reading material, medicines, water bottle, spectacles, watch, alarm clock, smart phone, tablet, pen, diary and what not! It is a versatile product that goes well with the kid’s bunker bed, loft beds, or matrix bed and can be fixed with any bed irrespective of its frame thickness. It is a flat packed product which comes with adjustable screws and can be assembled/disassembled effortlessly.

Bedodesk is a versatile bedside table that you can use to keep the everyday item that you use before going to bed or immediately after waking up. It is apt not only for adults but also for children and elder members. You can fit it with the guard rails or bed frames of bunker beds or even normal beds and keep things like water bottles, eatables, smart devices, books, etc. Emergency products of seniors such as medicines, spectacles, reading material can be easily kept on the table. They have every important thing at an arm’s distance and this increases their independence. For the same reasons, it comes handy in a hospital. It is a feature-rich table for a bed-bound individual.

 Sturdy Structure

Bedodesk is a flexible product with well-built structure and innovative features. It is strong and you can keep a number of necessary things on it. It comes with adjustable screws and can be assembled or disassembled effortlessly.


Space-saving is another unique feature of Bedodesk. It is perfect for those with limited space. Moreover, being compact and hardly takes any floor space when attached to the bed.


If you want to enjoy bed tea or breakfast in bed, Bedodesk is best suited for that as well. It is adjustable and you can set it as per your convenience.

 Bed Reader

If you are a person who can’t sleep without reading at least a few lines from your favourite writer then Bedodesk is for you. You can keep your books, magazines, newspaper or other reading material on it.

5 Year Warranty

All products from Solvd-in-box are covered by a 5 year warranty from the day they were bought, when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended. 

This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship and would not apply if damage is caused by unreasonable use or neglect, normal wear and tear, or if you change your mind. Any modifications/alterations done to the product post purchase are not recommended and void the entire warranty.

In order to make a warranty claim, you need to have purchased your Solvd-in-box products through our website or one of our authorized re-sellers, and you must provide proof of purchase.

How do I make a claim?
Please email our support team with your order details and a description of the fault or damage. Including photographs of any fault helps a lot in speeding up claims.

  • Dust the stand several times a week to avoid the build-up of dirt.
  • Wipe clean with a duster or damp cloth which is almost dry.
  • Avoid using a cleanser like aerosol sprays or any polish containing silicon to maintain the table’s finish.
  • Rub the stand gently to get rid of any stains and to avoid scratch.
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight or direct sources of heat as they dry out the wood and cause warping.
  • Do not place too hot or chilled items directly on the surface to avoid marking.
  • Replace worn out parts immediately.
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