Bedvio Rubberwood Floating Bed Side Table with Storage (Wood Color)

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If your alarm clock and your phone still sits on a wooden bulky nightstand that has four legs firmly plotted on the ground, then you are missing out on a whole lot of floor space and the new wave of floating nightstands and how they instantly give a modern touch to any room its in. Enter, Bedvio! Bedvio is a beautiful Scandinavian style floating nightstand that will fit perfectly in your bedroom or almost anywhere. What’s neat about floating nightstands is that they create a lot of space underneath, which can be used for storage, or kept open for a super tidy look. Plus, if you have an electrical outlet under your nightstand, it makes for super easy access. They also take up a lot less space than your traditional nightstand and can be squeezed into even the tiniest areas.

Bedvio can be installed by your bedside for you to keep your phone, specs, book, a mug,candles etc. It also comes with an open shelf for you to add tiny room decors like photo frames, tiny succulants, books, magazines and a drawer for you to put away things that easily go missing. The drawer is equipped with a totally invisible modern slide mechanism to ensure smoother operation. The medium, petite and light build of Bedvio makes it easier to match any bed height.


This well thought out nightstand will clear up the clutter, so your room looks airier,
with a more modern touch. It’ll certainly make your visitors green with envy!


This side table is not meant just for the bedroom. The strong point of this piece is its
versatility. Put it in the living room, next to the sofa, or in an office to add more storage
whilst occupying literally no space.


The bottom shelf is totally open and incredibly accessible – the perfect place to put
your phone down at night. And the upper space will highlight your books and other
accessories. The drawer is for extra storage and keep your valuables.


Because this piece hangs on the wall, you can decide on the
height you prefer. Have fun creating height effects by superimposing some of them!


Bedvio has no sharp edges hence eliminating the risk
potential scrapes or injuries. Bedvio being a floating nightstand makes it easier to clean
the area. It is made up of high quality rubberwood, resistant to stains, hot water, and
humidity so accidental spills don’t affect its quality.


Bedvio is ideally a floating wooden nightstand, for you to keep your valuables, favorite’s and necessities by the bedside right t your arms reach.

Bedvio can be installed anywhere in your entire house to give you that extra storage and open space.

Install Bedvio in your living room by your sofa or reading room to keep remote, books etc.

You can use it in your dressing area or a vanity as well to keep all your cosmetic products, perfume, lotion, nail polish, serum, and what not on this!

It can be used in the kitchen to hold crockeries, jars when a shelf and gives extra open surface at the top to cut, chop vegetables etc.

Bedvio can be installed in the washroom to put away your toiletries, you can store dryers and hair appliances in the drawer as well.

Mount Bedvio to your desired height and at your arm’s reach to make maximum use of it. Bedvio occupies no floor space saving that leg room for you and being very easy to clean.

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  • We recommend dusting frequently with a clean, soft, dry, lint-free cloth.
  • Clean the surface by rubbing in the direction of the grain.
  • Clean up spills immediately, use a blotting rather than a wiping action.
  • Water left over a long period of time will cause white spots in the finish.
  • Alcohol, perfume, after-shave and medications can cause severe finish damage.
  • Use a protective pad when writing with a ballpoint pen on the furniture
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