Pinewood Carrybe Wooden Floor Umbrella Stand Creative Multipurpose Storage Rack (Beige)

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This elegant umbrella stand, Carrybe, with its compact and polished finish can be placed freestanding anywhere may that be in a hallway, a patio corner or in an office entryway or foyer. Carrybe has large square openings that can comfortably store upright umbrellas, walking sticks, yoga mats, rugs, crutches etc. This dapper umbrella stand gives style and sophistication to any room it’s in. Not just the feature in any room its in, Carrybe is multifunctional and extremely durable as well.


This umbrella stand Rack has a sleek and modern design that will look great as a decor piece in the entryway of your home, or by your front door to hold and organize your things perfectly. It has a slender frame to save space may it be indoor or entryway.


It comes with two bigger slots to keep your umbrellas, yoga mats, rugs, traditional mats, mops etc and 4 smaller slots to keep canes, walking sticks, accessories to cameras etc. It has a Hollowed-out body that allows umbrellas and other items to breath openly.


Carrybe is a chic and smart storage rack to keep your canes, walking sticks, alpenstocks for hikers and mountain climbers, cricket bats, stumps, rugs, mats, to store rolls of gift wrapping paper, toys, and so much more!


Constructed from a durable and sturdy high quality pine wood that can be used all-year round, easy to maintain and move around. Being wooden, it doesn’t rust making t all the more long lasting.


Carrybe is essentially an Umbrella stand. You can use this dapper looking umbrella stand to get easy access to, and keep all your umbrellas in.

Carrybe can be used to put away your yoga mat, traditional sleeping/ sitting mats, rugs etc.

For all the sporty people, you can use Carrybe to stow your cricket bats, stumps, cricket gears, Badminton racquet, tennis bats, golf stick etc.

Carrybe can be used to store all your camera gadgets Tripod, Selfie stick etc.

You can use Carrybe to put away floor mops, sweepers, broom sticks etc.

You can use Carrybe to keep walking sticks, canes etc.

Carrybe can be used to store all your art supplies and stationaries in as well.

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