Pinewood Shoery Shoe Stand,Multipurpose Floating Stand Foyer Rack (Wood Color)

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The first thing you notice when you walk into anyone’s house would have to be the foyer. To charm up your foyer/entryway and décor, Shoery happens to be the perfect amalgamation of a space saver wall mounted sturdy rack to stove away shoes, slippers. Stilettos etc, while simultaneously gives a chic look to your home with a rack entirely made out of finely crafted pinewood that not only exemplifies the look of your entryway but also keeps the space clutter free.

The Shoery is ideal to put away shoes, magazines, books, as it is wall mounted giving the floor as much space with its narrow and sleek design. You can mount it anywhere without occupying the floor space even in nooks and crannies making it easy to clean, might it be, outside the house for guests, corridors, in the foyer, near your favourite reading desk to store books and magazines or even in the kitchen to put away plates. It is made up of premium engineered pinewood for durability and sustainability.


Shoery takes no floor space as it is a sleek, wall mounted piece of contemporary wooden storage rack ideal to mount even in the narrowest of corridor’s saving space while keeping the area neat and organized.

Clutter free

A messy entryway is the last thing anyone needs, even though coming home and kicking shoes right off might sound very cosy. With the Shoery, its easier to put away shoes and slippers just as you enter home keeping the space clutter free.


Shoery is not just a shoe rack. It can be used to store books, magazines etc. It can as an umbrella holder, used in the washroom to store toiletries or in the kitchen to put away plates etc.

Easy access

Shoery provides a much needed easy and quick access to throw on your slippers and shoes just as you are walking out in a hurry or back home after a long day.


Shoery can be best used as a sturdy shoe rack to drop off slippers, shoes, sneakers, stilletoes and pick up right where you left.

Shoery can also be mounted on a bathroom wall to keep essentials like shower gel, shampoo, lotion, liquid hand wash, etc.

It can be used as a mini wine cellar.

You can use it in your dressing area as well and keep all your cosmetic products, perfume, lotion, nail polish, serum, moisturisers, hair styling devices etc.

It is good for the washing area as well to keep the bottle of detergent and other cleaning material.

It can be used to put away umbrellas.

It can be used in the kitchen to store plates and other crockeries.

5 Year Warranty

All products from Solvd-in-box are covered by a 5 year warranty from the day they were bought, when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended. 

This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship and would not apply if damage is caused by unreasonable use or neglect, normal wear and tear, or if you change your mind. Any modifications/alterations done to the product post purchase are not recommended and void the entire warranty.

In order to make a warranty claim, you need to have purchased your Solvd-in-box products through our website or one of our authorized re-sellers, and you must provide proof of purchase.

How do I make a claim?
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  • Dust the pinewood made Stoveaway from time to time in order to prevent building up of dirt.
  • If the wood is too dirty, use a solution made with turpentine and boiled linseed oil to clean the rack deeply.
  • Standing water is the enemy of Stoveaway too.
  • Don’t put it in excessively dry or hot places to prevent it from discolouring.
  • If you spill alcohol or hot water, wipe it immediately.
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