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Perfect Size for Laptops : This laptop holder for desk can fit laptops up to 15.6 inches. Portable laptop stand is easily adjust when used with laptops that are 14†in size or smaller or larger

Microwave Oven Stand – Rakoven

  • Rakoven, a microwave Oven Shelf Stand Cart for Spice Rack Organizer is an indispensable part of the kitchen or for that matter, wherever microwave is used.
  • It can be used in an office pantry as an Oven Shelf Stand or an Rack Organizer
  • Microwave is essential in school and college canteen, which makes Rakoven Oven Shelf Stand Cart for Spice Rack Organizer an important product there as well.
  • It can be deployed in a restaurant, hotel, cafe or bakery where the microwave Oven Shelf Stand is used often.
  • If you need an extra shelf or cabinet, Rakoven can be put there as well. You can use both the shelves for keeping things other than the microwave.

Mini Bar Home Bar, Wine Rack, Bar For Home – Barnest Rotate

Bar cabinet, in itself is a petite yet functional wooden bar cabinet. It embodies minimalism and functionality. It might look like a chic side table but when opened, the sides of Barnest - bar cabinet minibar conveniently folds down to give you access to your chill day drinks and beverages without having to get up from the sofa or couch.


  • Material : High Quality Rubber Wood,Mount a small floating shelf on the wall in arm's reach of your Pillow and hang a Pendant bulb right below it
  • Size : 40X21.5X15 cms LxHxW, Colour : Wooden Color1 cms LxHxW, Colour : Wooden Color
  • Package Contents : 1 Wooden Floating Nightstand ,Product Of India
  • Elegantly Designed Bulb holder adds an aesthetic look signifying safety and reliability. Antique Silicon holder for E27 filaments bulbs (Does not includes bulbs).
  • Nightooze floating side tables provide the perfect ambiance to any room. The cord for the attached light falls discreetly behind to give the appearance of being hardwired. The perfect addition for bedside reading.

Peg board Organizer – Pegex

  • Material : High Quality Rubber Wood,Pegex is a Wall-mounted storage panel in rubberwood with 4 shelves, 10 straight pegs with 4 mounting Studs. Pegex includes shelves and pegs of different types of slot into the main board giving an endless range of storage options.
  • Size : 61x91x17cm LxHxW, Colour : Wooden Color
  • Package Contents : 1 Wooden Pegboard Wall-Mounted Storage Panel ,Product Of India
  • Package: Full Set includes 1 Board, 2 Large Shelves, 1 Small Shelf, 1 Medium Shelf 4 brackets, and 10 pegs. Wall Mounted, Screws Included
  • Easy To Install: Our Pegex is designed to hang on the wall of your kitchen, living room, waiting lounge, or garage with no hassle


  • Material : High Quality Pinewood,Glossy Finish
  • Size : 45x26.5x40cm LxHxW, Colour : Beige
  • Package Contents : 1 Risen Wooden Floor Multifunctional Storage Rack Cum Ladder
  • Portable And Easy Maintenance: Risen sure is sturdy and heavy duty but it is a light weight when comes to moving it around the house. You can carry it and place it anywhere as you please without breaking a sweat. Risen is pretty low maintenance. You only have to wipe it from time to time if any
  • You can use Risen to dust and clean the ceiling area or the areas where you usually cannot reach on barefoot.
  • Risen can be used as that extra storage shelf or holder for you to put in your electronic gadgets, stationaries, art supplies etc., in your room.
  • We recommend dusting frequently with a clean, soft, dry, lint-free cloth,Clean the surface by rubbing in the direction of the grain.
  • Water left over a long period of time will cause white spots in the finish. Alcohol, perfume, after-shave and medications can cause severe finish damage


  • Material : High Quality Pinewood,Super sturdy whilst also being UV resistant, Humidity resistant and highly resilient.
  • Size : 30x30x10cm LxHxW, Colour : Wooden Color
  • Package Contents : Pack of 1 Pre- Assembled Rollops wooden Planter Trolley Rolling Tray
  • 4 Wheels - Comes with 4 heavy duty wheels with long life 360-degree rotation. The Planter Caddy can easily carry heavy pots, plants and heavier weight with ease.
  • You can use Rollops to wheel out other things you might think are too heavy to be carried out. You can put these in your closet if you don't have much storage space. Have things in bins and boxes and stack them on this caddy and you can wheel it in and out of the closet to reach items behind it.
  • We recommend dusting frequently with a clean, soft, dry, lint-free cloth
  • Clean the surface by rubbing in the direction of the grain.


  • Material : High Quality Rubber Wood,Shelfado is a Perfect Blend of Rubberwood Frame,Multi-Purpose wall-mountable folding table that saves space.
  • Size : 76x15x32cm cms LxHxW, Colour : Wooden Color
  • Package Contents : 1 , Multi-Purpose Wall-Mountable Folding Table,Product Of India
  • Compact - A wall-Mounted Folding Table that folds out of the way when not needed. Easy self-assembly instructions provided.
  • Usages: You can use it as a study table for students, laptop or computer table or work from home table for working professionals, activity table for kids, standing desk or workstation, etc. You can use this table in a lot of ways and fold it down after using and the table easily blends with any decor.


  • Package Contents: Pack 1 SOLVD-IN-BOX Display Stand for Shop Wooden Counter Top Organizer Mini Display Stand,7 Slabs ,2 Screws, 30 Small sticks
  • Size: 38x31x76cm, Material : Pinewood,Color: Biege
  • Assembly Type : DIY (Do-It-Yourself) -Moving around with Showdo is like a walk in the park. Assemble and disassemble is very easy and you can pack it up in a whim to carry it anywhere you please.
  • Show it off: If you have a whole lot of things that are in dire need of tasteful organisation or you need a cute coutertop display stand to show off your valuables or products, showdo is the one for you
  • Versatility at its best: The world is your oyster with Showdo. It can be used anywhere and everywhere to store and display anything and everything. Be it home, office or shop, showdo fits in seamlessly
  • The perfect gift: If you’re looking for a gift that’s both thoughtful and cute, Showdo is the one for you. There’s not a single person who might not find need with showdo. We all have things that can use a little bit of clearing up and an artsy touch.
  • Light yet sturdy: showdo is easy enough to carry and move it around wherever you want whilst being super sturdy and durable. You don’t have to worry about it falling apart as we make our products with top notch quality wood.


  • Material : High Quality Rubber Wood,Give your living room Sofa the perfect bestie with this two-in-one end table with storage!
  • Size : 46x36x50cm LxHxW, Colour : Wooden Color
  • Package Contents : 1 Wooden Sidetable ,Product Of India
  • Multiuse product - The Sidebro table delivers drinks, meals, and other favourite items within arm’s reach of your cozy position on your favourite chair and couch. Fun and functional with book holder placement
  • Great Two-In-One Piece Choose how you want to use this table. This adaptable piece can be used as both an end table and a coffee table.


  • Material : High Quality Pinewood,It has been manufactured to suit different spaces. Further, its colour is such that you can put the rack in modern, traditional and contemporary designed space
  • Size : 36x20x28cm LxHxW, Colour : Wooden Color
  • Package Contents : 1 Wooden 3-Tier Container Organizer Spice Bottle Stand ,Product Of India
  • Versatile use Not just the kitchen, the design complements all kinds of areas- Bathroom, Bedroom, Dressing room. It has been manufactured to suit different spaces. Further, its colour is such that you can put the Rack in Modern, Traditional and Contemporary Designed Space
  • Space-saver Storemore Spice Bottle Stand The rack has 3 tiers and you can keep things in a synchronized manner or an 


  • Wooden Multi-Angle Portable Universal Dock Stand for Tablets can be used as it is not only for Tablet but also for iPad, Kindle and other eBooks as well. You can easily use your device for viewing/reading, working and playing games.
  • Wooden Multi-Angle Portable Universal Dock Stand holds smart devices in both positions: vertical and horizontal. Stylish enough to serve as a tablet, iPad and eBook holder both at home and office.
  • It can be used as a holder as well as stand i.e. whether or not you are using your smart device, Tab Stand can always be used. It can be used as Tablet camera stand or projector stand.
  • It can be your e-easel. Simply lift your device to a position from where it is easier to draft your creative piece. Best for DIY tasks. Keep your device on the stand, play the video and you are good to go.
  • Tablets or iPad have an advantage over smartphones that they offer big screen but their negative point is that they are heavier to hold. But worry not! Tab Stand is here to give you easy access to your tablet, iPad, notebook, and Kindle. It is a prop that let you mount these smart devices and allows you to work for hours effortlessly. It provides great support to the devices not only when you are using the device but also when it is not in use.