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Versatile Shelving Store your spice jars and essential oils on these wood shelves against the wall in this progressive 3-tier


  • Bedodesk Foldable Wall Mounted Table for Study & Laptop Activity Table can be placed near the bed and is used to keep a mobile, water bottle, specs, watch, alarm clock, pen, smart device and other necessary items.
  • It is best to keep reading material like books and magazines as well.
  • Emergency items like medicines, a glass of water, etc can be placed on the foldable wall mounted table. You can also keep a table lamp on it.
  • It can be put alongside a child’s bed as well. And you can keep water, snacks, books and your child’s other usable items.
  • Dust the stand several times a week to avoid the build-up of dirt. Wipe clean with a duster or damp cloth which is almost dry.


  • Material : Bedvio is a Perfect Blend of high-grade Rubber Wood Featuring the Beauty of the Natural Grain of the Wood
  • Size : 45X31X35 cms LxHxW, Colour : Wooden Color
  • Package Contents : 1 Wooden Bedside Table with Storage ,Product Of India
  • The elegant Bedvio Bedside Table is made using Premium Quality Rubberwood with a classic Finish. The Smoothed Edges and Compact form make it an Elegant addition to your Home
  • Bedvio Beside Table is Perfect for Displaying Books, Magazines, or A Decorative piece. Drawer and shelf is smartly aligned over the Furniture.


  • Material : High Quality Solid Rubber Wood,The cable is covered with Nylon, Stronger, and more Flexible. Desky has 4 International Sockets for charging your Gadgets.
  • Size : 76X53X10 cms LxHxW, Colour : Wooden Color
  • Package Contents : 1 Wooden Multipurpose Desk Lamp ,Product Of India
  • Multipurpose Desk Lamp - Hang your favourite stuff on side of the desk lamp like keys, cap, headphones, mask, and also Desky has many slots to keep your home and office items like Pen drive, pens, tablet, phones, coolers, toys, and other stationery items
  • Eye-Caring LED Panel - Desky has a wooden shade that can weaken the direct emission of light which will not fatigue your eyes even after long hours of use. You can enjoy a uniform and soft white light every night!


  • Material : High Quality Rubber Wood, Dohide Hidden shelf with Storage is a perfect blend of Rubber Wood finish that will enhance your home. Dohide a fully Functional pull-out hidden Drawer for Valuables things.
  • Size : 60X30X30 cms LxHxW, Colour : Wooden Color
  • Package Contents : 1 Wooden Hidden shelf with Storage,Product Of India
  • The easy to pull out shelf, Reveals easy and quick access to a hidden Compartment that once retracted Blends in with the Design and Functionality of the Fixed shelf
  • Dohide Shelf has a Hidden Compartment that is not visible unless you know where it is and is great for storing valuables things


  • Material : Natural Rubber wood , The 3-tiers wall-mounted storage shelf is suitable for kitchen, bathroom, door, bedroom, side of fridge, space-saving and keep the room tidy<br>
  • Size : 42X74X30 cms LxHxW, Colour : Wooden Color; Package Contents : 1 Wooden Multi-Layer Refrigerator Broadside Shelf Rack ,Product Of India<br>
  • Easy To Install - Extendio Multipurpose Multi function Shelf is easy and simple to install with screws provides and store when, not in use. It can be assembled in 3 ways - countertop and fridge shelf or door hanging, wall hanging.<br>
  • Space-Saving Kitchen Spice rack condiment stand, keep your counter organized, maximize your refrigerator, make full use of gap as your choice.<br>
  • Size Name: 42x74x30cm Lxhxw

Hanging Shelf

Transform your home into a bohemian paradise with our stunning wall hanging shelf. Handcrafted with care, this piece exudes a chic and modern vibe with its cotton rope design and stylish tassel accents. Its two pine texture wood shelves provide ample space for displaying your favorite small potted plants, books, or other cherished decorative items. This pre-assembled shelf is not only functional but also effortlessly enhances the aesthetic of any room in your home. Let this exquisite piece bring a touch of unique charm to your home decor today!


  • It will give a unique perspective to your living area. Since it doesn’t take much space, you can mount it on the wall of a small room as well.
  • The Wall Mounted Shelves is designed such that it gives a professional look and therefore, it can be deployed in an office as well. Kornrsmart can be mounted on a classroom wall displaying all the books to the young minds.
  • The Wall Mounted Shelves can be used as display rack, wall decor, home decor or living room furniture decor. It has adequate space to showcase CDs, DVDs, trophies, vases, toys, and whatnot!
  • Last but not least, you can even use it to display crockery and give it a corner in the dining area.
  • Dust Foldable Table several times a week to avoid the build-up of dirt. Wipe clean with a duster or damp cloth which is almost dry.


  • Material : High Quality Pinewood,Glossy Finish
  • Size : 46x40x40cm LxHxW, Colour : Beige
  • Package Contents : Pack of 1 Ladderx Bamboo Wooden Household Multifunctional Step Stool
  • Safe For Kids & Adults With a solid wooden build, this step stool is sturdy and safe for use by children and adults of all ages. Helps kids safely reach cups & plates, get a snack, brush their teeth and use the toilet. Enhance your home in an instant
  • Versatile Uses: While technically a step stool, the sky is the limit when it comes to this high-quality wooden piece. You'll love it as a decorative potted plant stand, accent stool, doggy step, a toddler seat…even a laptop, ipad stand!
  • LadderX can be used as a step stool by your little one, to teach things without the help of an adult, enabling them to be independent
  • LadderX can be used in the kitchen to reach jars at the higher end of the shelf.


What is Lappad - A sleek, mobile & multi-purpose Wooden Laptop Stand, Table, Cooling pad, Laptop Desk, Laptop Tray designed for students, professionals, gamers, home makers and general laptop users. Laptop stand protects your laptop from heating out and makes the perfect ergonomic workspace. Use your laptop, mouse, phone and tablet all day in comfort. Rest the Lappad on your lap, table and desk, or even on your bed. It is spacious, its is multi-device desk on lap creating a comfortable & mobile experience.
  • Available Model in Natural wood white color
  • Dock fits most smart Phones and Tablets
  • Created for 11, 13, and 15 inch Laptops
Lappad as a Cooling Pad – The unique design of Lappads make sure that your laptop is properly ventilated and so keeps them cooled, it also protects your laps from heat generated by the laptop. Lappad as Phone and Tablet Station – The innovative design of Lappads ensures that all your phone, tablet and laptops are consolidated, secured at one place for charging and more. view docked images for your Smart Phones (iPhone 5/6/6s/7 and Plus Models, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, HTC, and Blackberry), tablets ( Ipads Mini All Generations, iPad Air (1, 2, and 3), iPad Pro (9.7) and other tablets. Lappad – All in one place , Lappad provides you options to hold in a secure & ergonomic way, all your gadgets required when you work on your laptops. Sustainable Material – The Lappad is cut from a block of pure, premium pinewood which is ultra lightweight, super strong, and absorbs the heat from your laptop. Lappads are manufactured from an unique blend of pinewood & natural wood polishes to ensure highest level of aesthetics and quality with no compromise on sustainability.

Microwave Oven Stand – Rakoven

  • Rakoven, a microwave Oven Shelf Stand Cart for Spice Rack Organizer is an indispensable part of the kitchen or for that matter, wherever microwave is used.
  • It can be used in an office pantry as an Oven Shelf Stand or an Rack Organizer
  • Microwave is essential in school and college canteen, which makes Rakoven Oven Shelf Stand Cart for Spice Rack Organizer an important product there as well.
  • It can be deployed in a restaurant, hotel, cafe or bakery where the microwave Oven Shelf Stand is used often.
  • If you need an extra shelf or cabinet, Rakoven can be put there as well. You can use both the shelves for keeping things other than the microwave.


  • Material : High Quality Rubber Wood,Mount a small floating shelf on the wall in arm's reach of your Pillow and hang a Pendant bulb right below it
  • Size : 40X21.5X15 cms LxHxW, Colour : Wooden Color1 cms LxHxW, Colour : Wooden Color
  • Package Contents : 1 Wooden Floating Nightstand ,Product Of India
  • Elegantly Designed Bulb holder adds an aesthetic look signifying safety and reliability. Antique Silicon holder for E27 filaments bulbs (Does not includes bulbs).
  • Nightooze floating side tables provide the perfect ambiance to any room. The cord for the attached light falls discreetly behind to give the appearance of being hardwired. The perfect addition for bedside reading.