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  • Material : Bedvio is a Perfect Blend of high-grade Rubber Wood Featuring the Beauty of the Natural Grain of the Wood
  • Size : 45X31X35 cms LxHxW, Colour : Wooden Color
  • Package Contents : 1 Wooden Bedside Table with Storage ,Product Of India
  • The elegant Bedvio Bedside Table is made using Premium Quality Rubberwood with a classic Finish. The Smoothed Edges and Compact form make it an Elegant addition to your Home
  • Bedvio Beside Table is Perfect for Displaying Books, Magazines, or A Decorative piece. Drawer and shelf is smartly aligned over the Furniture.


  • Material : High Quality Pinewood,Glossy Finish
  • Size : 46x40x40cm LxHxW Colour : Beige
  • Package Contents : Pack of 1 Carrybe Wooden Floor Multifunctional Umbrella Stand Creative Storage Rack,Wooden Floor Multifunctional Umbrella Stand Creative Storage Rac
  • Versatile And Functionable: Carrybe is a chic and smart storage rack to keep your canes, walking sticks, alpenstocks for hikers and mountain climbers, cricket bats, stumps, rugs, mats, to store rolls of gift wrapping paper, toys, and so much more!
  • Reliable Material: Constructed from a durable and sturdy high quality pine wood that can be used all-year round, easy to maintain and move around. Being wooden, it doesn’t rust making t all the more long lasting.


  • Package Contents: Pack of 1 Decorx - Pinewood Wall Mounted Décor Shelf Floating Wall Shelves Rack - Product Of India
  • Size : 62x59x6cm LxBxH ,Material : Pinewood - Assemble Type : DIY(Do It Yourself)
  • Usage : Decorx is a beautiful floating display shelf that can be mounted anywhere be it home, office, bedroom or library
  • Decorx is sturdy and spacious enough to display various items such as books, photo frames, statues, vases, collectibles, trinkets etc.
  • Decorx can be mounted in your office to store awards, office supplies, photos etc.


  • Material : High Quality Rubber Wood, Dohide Hidden shelf with Storage is a perfect blend of Rubber Wood finish that will enhance your home. Dohide a fully Functional pull-out hidden Drawer for Valuables things.
  • Size : 60X30X30 cms LxHxW, Colour : Wooden Color
  • Package Contents : 1 Wooden Hidden shelf with Storage,Product Of India
  • The easy to pull out shelf, Reveals easy and quick access to a hidden Compartment that once retracted Blends in with the Design and Functionality of the Fixed shelf
  • Dohide Shelf has a Hidden Compartment that is not visible unless you know where it is and is great for storing valuables things


  • Material : High Quality Rubber Wood,A Kornrdesk Foldable stand can be wall mounted and installed virtually in any Room – Bathroom, Bedroom, Living-room, Home Office, Nursery or Corridor
  • Size : 104x44x74cm LxHxW, Colour : Wooden Color
  • Package Contents : 1 Wooden Kornrdesk Foldable Corner Table ,Product Of India
  • Kornrdesk can be your Foldable workspace, a counter top, a neat sleek shelf to keep your books, candles, Home Décor, photo frame and whatnot
  • The biggest advantage of a Kornrdesk Corner Table is that it occupies a minimal space of that corner that’s not really being used for anything and is foldable


  • It will give a unique perspective to your living area. Since it doesn’t take much space, you can mount it on the wall of a small room as well.
  • The Wall Mounted Shelves is designed such that it gives a professional look and therefore, it can be deployed in an office as well. Kornrsmart can be mounted on a classroom wall displaying all the books to the young minds.
  • The Wall Mounted Shelves can be used as display rack, wall decor, home decor or living room furniture decor. It has adequate space to showcase CDs, DVDs, trophies, vases, toys, and whatnot!
  • Last but not least, you can even use it to display crockery and give it a corner in the dining area.
  • Dust Foldable Table several times a week to avoid the build-up of dirt. Wipe clean with a duster or damp cloth which is almost dry.


  • Package Contents: .1 Ladx Ladder Shelf Features Five Progressive Tiers For Flexible Storage Options
  • Save space and show off your dearest possessions and collectibles, with this stair showcase that leans on the wall freeing a lot of space while also being a chic wooden goodness.
  • Ladx has a shelf for storage and has progressive steps that get wider as they go. Ladx is super sturdy and heavy duty that can handle quite the load
  • Size : 64x46x75cm LxBxH ,Color : Beige
  • Don’t be fazed by it being heavy duty. Ladx itself is quite light for you to move it around anywhere to suit your taste and need. Assembling and disassembling it is as easy as it gets


  • Material : High Quality Rubber Wood,Mount a small floating shelf on the wall in arm's reach of your Pillow and hang a Pendant bulb right below it
  • Size : 40X21.5X15 cms LxHxW, Colour : Wooden Color1 cms LxHxW, Colour : Wooden Color
  • Package Contents : 1 Wooden Floating Nightstand ,Product Of India
  • Elegantly Designed Bulb holder adds an aesthetic look signifying safety and reliability. Antique Silicon holder for E27 filaments bulbs (Does not includes bulbs).
  • Nightooze floating side tables provide the perfect ambiance to any room. The cord for the attached light falls discreetly behind to give the appearance of being hardwired. The perfect addition for bedside reading.


  • Material : High Quality Rubber Wood,Pegex is a Wall-mounted storage panel in rubberwood with 4 shelves, 10 straight pegs with 4 mounting Studs. Pegex includes shelves and pegs of different types of slot into the main board giving an endless range of storage options.
  • Size : 61x91x17cm LxHxW, Colour : Wooden Color
  • Package Contents : 1 Wooden Pegboard Wall-Mounted Storage Panel ,Product Of India
  • Package: Full Set includes 1 Board, 2 Large Shelves, 1 Small Shelf, 1 Medium Shelf 4 brackets, and 10 pegs. Wall Mounted, Screws Included
  • Easy To Install: Our Pegex is designed to hang on the wall of your kitchen, living room, waiting lounge, or garage with no hassle


  • Material : High Quality Rubber Wood,Shelfado is a Perfect Blend of Rubberwood Frame,Multi-Purpose wall-mountable folding table that saves space.
  • Size : 76x15x32cm cms LxHxW, Colour : Wooden Color
  • Package Contents : 1 , Multi-Purpose Wall-Mountable Folding Table,Product Of India
  • Compact - A wall-Mounted Folding Table that folds out of the way when not needed. Easy self-assembly instructions provided.
  • Usages: You can use it as a study table for students, laptop or computer table or work from home table for working professionals, activity table for kids, standing desk or workstation, etc. You can use this table in a lot of ways and fold it down after using and the table easily blends with any decor.

Sit Stand Waldesk

  • TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE: You heard it right! Our sit stand Waldesk comes with a table you can use while sitting and one while standing. It is recommended that we stand up after every 15-20 minutes while working instead of sitting continuously for hours. Hence this beauty!
  • ELEGANT ADDITION TO YOUR ROOM- Our multi-purpose wall-mountable foldable sit stand Waldesk is super chic and an ergonomic statement piece to add usuability and instantly elevate the look around the area it’s in
  • STURDY AND DURABLE - The board is made of high quality pinewood. In a foldable table, the board has to be strong so that the folding actions do not leave any wear and tear on the product. Hence we use high quality wood instead of plastic or inferior quality.
  • MULTI-USE - The waldesk can be set up anywhere as a study table, laptop table, reading table, kids table, work from home table, office table,standing work station, bookshelf, kitchen shelf, exhibition stand or in anyway you would like. Suitable for any kind of home work or office requirement
  • Color : Biege , Size : 90x58x48cm LxBxH- Product Of India

Sit Stand Waldesk Bracket

  • Package Contents: Pinewood Standing Cum Sitting Study steel bracket Wall Mounted Table- Set of 2 Foldable Tables, Size : Large , 60x58x48cm LxBxH
  • The world is your oyster once you own a sit stand waldesk. Waldesk is primarily a work/ study desk for you to work from basically anywhere may that be while seated or standing,Sit stand Waldesk can be used in your living room as a souvenir display shelf or an additional shelf to display your collectibles, succulents etc.
  • Waldesk can be used in your bedroom to use as worktable, or a makeshift office,Waldesk can be used in your kitchen as an additional cutting board, an extra space to keep cutleries etc
  • Waldesk can be installed in your patio or balcony as a sit out table.
  • Waldesk can be used anywhere in your home whenever and wherever you need an extra workspace.