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Zigzag Corner Shelf Wall Mount 5 Tier Wall Shelf Corner Stand – Kornrsmart

  • It will give a unique perspective to your living area. Since it doesn’t take much space, you can mount it on the wall of a small room as well.
  • The Wall Mounted Shelves is designed such that it gives a professional look and therefore, it can be deployed in an office as well. Kornrsmart can be mounted on a classroom wall displaying all the books to the young minds.
  • The Wall Mounted Shelves can be used as display rack, wall decor, home decor or living room furniture decor. It has adequate space to showcase CDs, DVDs, trophies, vases, toys, and whatnot!
  • Last but not least, you can even use it to display crockery and give it a corner in the dining area.
  • Dust Foldable Table several times a week to avoid the build-up of dirt. Wipe clean with a duster or damp cloth which is almost dry.