Des-ky Rubber Wood Multipurpose Study Table Desk Lamp (Wood Colour)

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With wood this beautiful, a simple design for a desk lamp is all that's needed, and it doesn't get much for simple than an open rectangle, with a sleek LED light. The entire lamp is made from solid and finest quality rubberwood which is not just modern and beautiful to look at, but also strong and durable. The LED is embedded deep into the wood to give off a good amount of light, making Desky a very practical and indispensable night/ desk lamp.

Desky comes with added privileges like numerous slots and indentations to keep your home and office stationery items such as pen drive, pen, phone, coolers, toys, mouse etc. Furthermore, Desky has 4 charging sockets for charging electronic gadgets such as mobile, Bluetooth speakers/ headphones, powerbanks, laptop and tablet etc. Not just that, Desky comes with hooks to hang keys, masks, cap, cable wires, headphones etc. Desky is not your average desk lamp, it has multiple add ons and layers for your convenience.


The body is made of solid rubberwood. The cable is covered with nylon making it stronger, and more flexible. Desky has 4 international sockets for charging your gadgets which are adaptable and convenient to use.


Desky is absolutely easy on eyes as it has a wooden shade that weakens and blocks the direct emission of light, protecting you from the soresnness and fatigue even after hours of usage. You can enjoy a uniform and soft on eyes white light every night!


Desky is designed with a non-slip design base, you can use it conveniently without worrying about it falling or toppling over. Desky is extremely stable.


Desky comes with a handful of quirks ratger than being a mundane desk lamp. Its minimalistic and uses the space with a hook on the side of the frame to hang your everyday use things like keys, cap, headphones, mask etc.Desky moreover has a couple of slots and indentations to keep your home and office carry- ons like pen drive, pen, tablet, phone, coolers, toys, and other stationery items.


Desky can be used anywhere in your home or office space to convert it into a makeshift study area/ work space.

You can use desky by your bed stand to serve as night lamp.

You can use desky on your workstation to use it as a desk lamp/ study lamp.

You can prop desky on the floor and connect your lap top, mobile phone and other devices to use it anywhere and everywhere to do your office work.

Desky being light can be carried anywhere in and around the house to make it a workable space.

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  • Clean up spills immediately, use a blotting rather than a wiping action.
  • Water left over a long period of time will cause white spots in the finish.
  • Alcohol, perfume, after-shave and medications can cause severe finish damage.
  • Use a protective pad when writing with a ballpoint pen on the furniture
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